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Elsa was playing in a sled, when she all of a sudden fell into a snow heap and harmed herself, now our most loved ruler must go to hospital to have her wounds dealt with. Progress toward becoming Elsa`s doctor and help her make the recuperation smoother and quicker. Change Elsa from her regal dress into an agreeable robe to start the mending treatments. Give her the perfect measure of prescription, haul out the ice shards with the assistance of medical forceps and purify her injuries. Utilize the super powerful x-beam vision with the goal that you can see the broken bones and recuperate them. Place throws with the warm messages from her companions, Anna and Olaf, on her cracks to recuperate and Elsa will recoup in a matter of moments!

Elsa karlar dünyasında kayak yaparken kaza geçirdi. Hastanede senden yardım bekliyor. Yaralarını sarım Elsa yı tedavi et. Elsa nın kahraman olduğu bu doktor oyununda Kız Oyunları ziyaretçilerine iyi eğlenceler dileriz…